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£10 per month will help the Angelus Foundation bring the dangers of legal highs to the attention of the UK’s young people. In the form below, you can make a secure donation to the Angelus Foundation.


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Fundraise for Angelus Foundation!

Fundraising for Angelus Foundation is one of the most effective and fun ways you can help us raise awareness about ‘legal highs’.

If you want to support us through raising funds for Angelus Foundation, below are some ideas…

What you can do to help: Raise funds for Angelus Foundation yourself


  • Participate in a sport event – For example, run 10km, raise funds for Angelus Foundation while you increase or maintain your own fitness. Winners all around!
  • Propose Angelus for your organisation’s Charity of the Year scheme;
  • Suggest Angelus for your organisation’s matched giving scheme – Ask your employer about matched giving opportunities. If your employer is interested and needs to know more, please contact Charities Aid Foundation, or check out www.cafonline.org;
  • Each year we select a number of events that you can participate in – find out through our newsletter.
  • Organise a bake sale and sell cakes for Angelus. Other events in support of Angelus are of course also fine!
  • Do you know someone else who can support Angelus? Help spread the word and put us in touch.
  • Challenge yourself – Extreme sports like skydiving and climbing, or less extreme sports… why not achieve your ambition while raising funds for Angelus Foundation?


Create your own event

Do you have an idea for an event? Sponsored silence, guess the sweets in the jar, bake sale, fancy dress, pay to play football match… the possibilities are endless. Read below how you can set up your own on-line fundraising page or please feel free to contact us to discuss your ideas.

How to do it?

Organising or participating in a sponsored event is an effective and often energetic way to raise money! Involve your friends, family and colleagues in your challenge. There are virtually no boundaries for sponsored events: running, skipping, sky dives, cycling, swimming…

Ask family, friends and colleagues to sponsors you using the sponsor web page that you can create to collect money from your supporters. This also will allow them to give even more using tax effective gift aid while they sponsor you.

A good technique is to explain how effective it can be for someone to sponsor you:


  • For £100 Angelus can provide a school with informative materials.
  • For £250 Angelus can visit a secondary school and provide all students (14-18) with the tools they need to make informed decisions about the harms from ‘legal highs’.


Some tips on how to make it a success:

Be assertive: if you don’t ask you won’t receive. Most people genuinely would like to help, but not many will give without being asked. And no matter how big or small their support, every penny counts! Set yourself a realistic target and everyone will try to help you get there.

We think the easiest and safest way to raise funds for Angelus is through setting up a fundraising/sponsor page at www.justgiving.com (there are of course also alternative web sites you could use). It is very easy to create a page; with one click you can select Angelus as the charity you want to raise funds for, set your fundraising goal and all the sponsorship will automatically be sent through. From your ‘justgiving’ page you can send emails, post on Facebook or tweet on twitter and automatically thank your supporters. You can even activate text-giving. Gift Aid is also automatically applied and you don’t need to carry any cash yourself.

If you prefer to raise funds for us using a paper sponsor form, of course we can help you with that too. Please email contact@angelusfoundation.com and we can send you one.

When you create your ‘justgiving’ sponsor page, you will be asked to write a few words about your reasons why you support Angelus. The text below should help you; feel free to cut and paste from it and add your own words.

Once you have created your web page. Please let us know about your event and we will be most happy to support you in your fundraising endeavours for Angelus. If you tell us your clothing size we will provide you with an Angelus T-shirt in time for your event.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Peter: peterboonman@angelusfoundation.org.uk

Thanks for your support to Angelus!

Why fundraise for Angelus?

The official figures show there were 129 deaths from legal highs in England, Wales and Scotland in 2015. The market for legal highs has grown hugely since 2006 when there were only seven new substances discovered. In 2015, there were 100 new substances or ‘legal highs’ identified by EU drug experts (EMCDDA). The problem is increasing each year. Development of new substances is too fast for authorities to keep up with legislation.

‘Legal highs’ are purchased in ‘headshops’, online, from friends or dealers and often much cheaper than other (controlled) drugs, such as cocaine, ecstasy or cannabis. There is a lot of ignorance at all ages about how risky they are – many young people take them believing they are safe because they are legal and in doing so are putting their mental well-being and even their lives at risk. The danger posed by ‘legal highs’ is severe and presents serious harms to young people, both physically and mentally. Angelus delivers behaviour changing educational awareness sessions in schools and has developed a series of short films with before and after questionnaires aimed at 14-18 year olds that help capture changes in young people’s behaviour. Our research shows that after watching the Angelus film ‘Not what it says on the tin’ 95% of students respond that they have been put off experimenting with legal highs and party drugs.

Last year 55,000 visited Angelus’ youth-facing website www.whynotfindout.org, widely recognised as a key knowledge source on these legal substances.

Angelus attends Fresher Fairs and work with student bodies creating student-champions that help to keep their peers safe by communicating key messages on the unknown dangers of legal highs. An Angelus survey in 2014 showed 19% of new students had tried a ‘legal high’ and 36% had been offered one.

Angelus works with the Association of Independent Festivals to tackle the dangers of experimentation with legal highs at festivals. Key messages are reinforced through various contact points – social media, festival websites and the festival.

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if you want more information on how you or your organization can support us: peterboonman@angelusfoundation.org.uk or call 020-3700 7185.

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