Legal highs and other harmful substances are responsible for the death, hospitalisation and long-term damage of far too many young people in the UK. There were 99 deaths from legal highs in England, Wales and Scotland in 2012. But in 2013 that number rose to 173. A United Nations report published in 2013 showed 670,000 young people in the UK (aged 16-24) having taken a legal high: this makes us the highest consumers of legal highs in Europe.

The Angelus Foundation is the only registered charity in Europe dedicated to raising awareness of the dangers of legal highs and club drugs.

“As a parent, who lost a child to legal highs, it is shocking that these substances continue to be openly sold in headshops and on the internet. Every parent should make themselves aware of the dangers their children face from these so-called ‘legal highs’. We have written a parents’ handbook to inform parents of the dangers and guide them to having ‘wise conversations’ with their children.

We rely on donations to carry out our work in schools, with young people and students and supporting parents. Please make a donation today and together we can continue our work to keep your children safe. gives young people the chance to ask questions and keep up-to-date on the changing situation and real dangers of experimenting with legal highs.

The Angelus Foundation: Striving to highlight the risks of legal highs and encouraging young people to make informed, responsible choices and lead safer lives.

If you have any difficulty in downloading the handbook, please email and we will email the PDF to you.