Engaging with Those at Risk of Harm

We are trialing a town wide approach to ‘Legal Highs’ awareness. Luton Council are partnering with us and our aim is to engage with and test approaches with a number of local organisations, community groups and young people in a concerted awareness programme to make them resilient to ongoing changes in the drugs’ environment. We have so far engaged with Public Health, schools, Youth Offending Service, Treatment services, the University of Bedfordshire, and other local community groups. We will continue this programme over the next year and with the materials developed further trial these in other areas in the following year to ensure we develop a range of robust materials for young people.

We have continued to address schools where we can: most recently in Birmingham and Manchester. Our schools pack is also being deployed in North Yorkshire where we work with Compass Reach who are in the frontline of dealing with young people who have misused NPS and other drugs. They are surveying their clients in a joint programme with Angelus. We have also developing two new films with young people in North Yorks and Milton Keynes as part of our contract with our partner Compass.

British prisons have become places where many vulnerable people are affected, sometimes severely, by the misuse of synthetic cannabis or ‘spice’. We have worked with the National Offender Management Service over 12 months on a consultancy basis developing messaging for inmates.

We have partnered with Oasis for the last couple of years raising awareness generally but mostly around festivals. We are planning some new materials with Oasis to be launched in May/June.